Time for

Your Anticipation

The room for your massage is a sheltered space that caresses you and that is adapted towards your needs. Soothing warmth, subdued light, or whatever is good to your heart. At your home, in "Praxis Segensraum" Chemnitz or also in Aerial-Yoga-Studio "Kontrast Reich" in Meinersdorf and new with beginning of Oktober 2020 in AnuKan Seminar Center Dresden.

Individual Massage Dates

On appointment under +49 176 23 11 38 99 or

Your Way to Praxis Segensreich

09122 Chemnitz, Walter-Oertel-Str. 48

Your Way to Kontrast Reich Studio

09235 Burkhardtsdorf, Hauptstraße 11

Your Way to AnuKan Seminar Center

01097 Dresden, Buchenstr. 12

4 Heart Chakra Soothing Warmth Anchoring